Julie Vanni, DPT


Julie attended the University of Puget Sound graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 2002 and continued on earning a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2005. While attending UPS, Julie was an All America basketball player, participated in track and field, and was a graduate assistant women’s basketball coach. Julie has been involved in many sports over the years. She played soccer through high school, basketball and track and field through college, and enjoys many outdoor sports throughout the year. Julie continued her involvement in basketball, officiating collegiate women’s games up through Division 1 and helping improve officials through observations. Julie’s physical therapy interests and skills include manual therapy, gait analysis, custom foot orthotics, bike fitting, sports and orthopedic injuries for all ages.


“As an athlete and an active adult, I have had a variety of needs related to physical therapy and each and every time I turn to Julie and Biojunction Sports Therapy when I need help to get back to functioning at a high level. The staff is vested in my quick return to action. They identify my specific needs and work towards that goal with a customized program. No one wants to deal with an injury or functional issue, but if you find yourself needing this, you should make the right call and go to Biojunction Sports Therapy and Julie for the quick and effective resolution that you need to get back to full action.”

– Penny Davis, NCAA Division I basketball official

“My association with Julie Vanni began about six years ago. I was referred to her for ongoing shoulder and neck pain. Julie helped me with massages, exercise for home and office use, ultrasound, and taught me how to use a cervical traction unit at home. Julie was patient and compassionate during the month took to restore my shoulder and neck movement and reduce pain. As other problems came up periodically I returned to work with Julie and always was able to make appointments quickly. My primary physician was happy to refer me to her. Julie moved to a different clinic in West Seattle and I was more than willing to follow her and drive the extra 10 miles. I always appreciate Julie’s professionalism and expertise. It is clear she has a firm knowledge of the profession as well as excellent judgment in the use of therapy techniques for a variety of muscular and skeletal problems that can occur with aging. I’m grateful to have met Julie and truly feel she has become a trusted family resource. We have become good friends, enjoy each other since of humor and I feel confident seeking her opinion.”

– Cory B., longtime patient

“I have been seeing Julie for almost two years now. In the last 29 years I have had many treatments, and have seen many doctors for my psoriatic arthritis. I have to say my time with Julie, and the care she has given me has been one of the best experiences I have had in the medical field. Each session we had together I left feeling uplifted and hopeful that I can manage my condition and live an active healthy life. In fact one of my goals during my time at physical therapy was to be off my medication during the critical developmental time of my pregnancy. I truly feel I was able to accomplish this because of the treatment and encouragement given by Julie. I feel stronger and more educated on how to manage my condition since our start two years ago. Like I mentioned before I have seen a large number of doctors for my condition over the years, and finding individuals in the medical field that truly care for your well-being, get outstanding treatment, and are passionate about what they do are hard to find. Julie is one of those rare professionals who has all these qualities, and I am truly grateful for the care she’s given me. I would recommend her without hesitation to all my friends and family. Thank you Julie!!”

– Amanda Betz

“After injuring my hamstring my doctor recommended PT at Biojunction Sports Therapy. Luckily I was able to score an appointment with Julie and within days I was able to walk normally again and return to work. Little did I anticipate that this would lead to a long-term relationship! My orthopedic doctor has been recommending bilateral knee replacements for years. As I talked to Julie during PT for the hamstring, she became a trusted and experienced resource for helping me make a decision that was not only going to affect my life for the short-term but the long term as well. Julie helped me construct an exercise plan for preparing my body for knee surgery recovery, answered all questions about equipping my house for rehab and functionality and after much angst and consideration I finally decided to move forward with surgery. Two weeks after surgery I begin PT again with Julie. Her compassion, humor, listening skills, experience and professional skills allow me to return to normal life within weeks. My doctor was amazed by my progress, and the coworkers marveled at my new agility, I danced at two family weddings recently, I am hiking without pain, (and) swimming and lifting weights daily. Without my amazing coach none of this would be possible. Thank you Julie!”

– Kerin Brasch

“Julie Vanni has been my physical therapist at Biojunction Sports Therapy for over 5 years. She has assisted me with recovery from hip and shoulder replacement surgeries, keeping me mobile during my aging process. Julie has great knowledge and much experience in the field; she has communicated with my physicians to find out my special problem so we can focus on particular needs, which has been such an asset. She always makes me feel confident that I can overcome whatever handicaps might slow the recuperation process. Julie and I have developed a friendship through this process that I cherish.”

– Dan DeSantis