Dan Westerhold

Dan Westerhold, PT, MOMT


Dan was first introduced to physical therapy by working after school as an aide in a local hospital. He became a licensed physical therapy assistant in 1981 and went on to Cleveland State University to graduate with a Bachelors degree in Physical Therapy in 1987. Dan completed a 2-year clinical residency program through the Ola Grimsby Institute where he obtained a Masters degree in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy in 1993 and a Certification in Orthopedic Manual Therapy. He worked at Pilates Seattle and Physical Therapy for 14 years. Dan trained in the Authentic Pilates Method in 2000 and utilizes it as a valid and successful treatment method where appropriate. He enjoys the challenge of applying the Pilates method to physical therapy, particularly manual therapy. Dan believes communication & education lie hand in hand with good treatment to help patients succeed in achieving their goals.


“Dan has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Pre-surgery, I started with Dan to try some things out so we could attempt to avoid surgery. It was pretty clear after a couple of visits that I was not getting any better. At this point, Dan told me that I would be better off saving my PT visits for after surgery because we should not waste them. This sentiment made me really trust Dan in that he was looking out for my best interest…Dan has been extremely professional, empathetic, and fun to be around. He has helped me tremendously in what has turned out to be a fairly traumatic injury. He is honest, fair, and challenges me in my recovery to make sure that I will have attained my best potential for recovery…Dan is a PT above reproach and I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of any kind of physical therapy needs, especially athletes.”

– Ian Hill

“After being diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis in 2011, my doctor recommended going to physical therapy. I specifically needed help to strengthen my right leg and arm to manage my disease…I always appreciated the caring people at Biojunction. I could count on a friendly greeting when I arrived and professional care as I worked on my prescribed therapy. I continued my physical therapy for the next five years, continuing to become stronger and better able to function in my every day life. I am now able to walk better and do most of the physical activities that I enjoy doing….I would highly recommend Biojunction Sports Therapy to anyone who needs physical therapy.”

– Joy Oliver

This is long overdue.  I chose Biojunction after having my ACL replaced/repaired.  It was during the height of the pandemic and they were very accommodating as scheduling during those times were month plus out bookings which isn’t what you need to hear after having surgery and being told that PT was important to recuperating properly. I had the pleasure of working with Dan the majority of the time.  Dan was so easy to talk to and make my sessions something to look forward to.  As someone who isn’t great at small talk, I was always at ease around Dan and found myself laughing on a regular basis. The few times I was unable to book with Dan I worked with Lisa.  Very friendly and insightful.

– Ryan S

Fantastic people, great attention and care. My ortho even recommended them. Lisa is great and Dan is the dude. I’ve had some weird ass problems with my body and they’ve always been a help. Sometimes scheduling snafus happen – reschedule becomes double schedule, etc, but they’re pretty accommodating and don’t try to foist the cost on you if and when it happens. Overall, outstanding experience. I don’t live in the area anymore and I’m still traveling to go here, so they have to be doing something right.

– Andrew P