Elaina Neal, DPT


Elaina first became interested in physical therapy through her many years of cheerleading and gymnastics. Her interest led to a passion when she learned the role of the physical therapist in a patient’s recovery. Following her dreams, Elaina pursued a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology at Arizona State University in 2017.  She went on to receive her doctorate in physical therapy from Franklin Pierce University in 2021. She believes in incorporating patient specific interests into treatment plans to create the best physical therapy experience. Elaina is an Arizona native who recently relocated to the Seattle area and welcomes any sightseeing suggestions! In her free time, she enjoys hiking, yoga, and kayaking through the Puget Sound. 


“I don’t usually post reviews, but my experience at Biojunction has been really great so I feel like sharing! I had a rotator cuff injury last year, and my physical therapist Elaina has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She’s been very good about adjusting my exercises as my shoulder got better, and was careful not to have me do anything painful. She’s friendly, observant, and concerned about her patients. In a few short months I’m about 99% better, and I have Elaina and Biojunction to thank for it!”

– W.A.

“This is hands down the best PT I’ve been to, and I have had a lot in my life😝 Therapists are super thorough and
knowledgeable, and at the same time very compassionate; vested in the patient’s well being and success. I highly
recommend a referral here if it’s in your network…”

– Kersti M.

“I am so grateful to the team at Biojunction and specifically Elaina for helping me recover from my back surgery. When I first saw Elaina I was in a lot of pain and could barely walk. She looked at my MRI and was very knowledgeable and honest about what it meant— and she was right, because I had to have surgery! I was so happy when I could see Elaina again six weeks later and get to work rebuilding my strength. In the month I’ve been working with her I’ve experienced a huge decrease in pain and I am so much stronger.
Elaina is very compassionate and thoughtful. She wants to make sure her patients are comfortable and not aggravating their injuries, and seems to intuitively understand when to back off. But— her goal is to get you stronger, and she does that. It’s a fine balance!
She’s always checking in and super present during all of our appointments, and is also generally lovely to be around! Like I said, I am very grateful for this attention and the regimen she has provided for me. Highly recommend Elaina and everyone else at Biojunction!!”

– Jan S.