Adam Thomas, DPT


Adam attended Northeastern University in Boston, MA earning a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Science with a Psychology minor and then a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2019. While at NU, he competed on the varsity track team in the pole vault and performed on stage in several musicals and plays. Growing up in the SF Bay Area, he was involved in soccer, rugby, baseball, basketball, and track. Adam’s experience in theater and athletics help him to better relate to and understand patients coming from these backgrounds, however, he enjoys working with the wide range of patients that come to an outpatient clinic. He believes in developing a personalized rehabilitation plan built on active listening and patient education to help patients return to the specific things they love to do. He enjoys guiding patients to be an active participant in their recovery in order to best set them up for long term health and prevention of future injury. In his free time Adam enjoys camping, hiking, playing music, cooking, and exploring all the nooks and crannies of Seattle.


“Friendly and caring office staff and therapists. I had two months of appointments following a backpacking knee injury. Adam was my physical therapist and he took the time not only to learn about my specific injury (via the MRI and x-rays and orthopedic exam I had done), but also identify areas that needed strengthening to enable me to get back to being active and prevent me from re-injuring myself the same way. The therapy was very much guided by my body’s natural healing process and feedback (and my dedication to the exercises) and I felt like the treatment I received was personalized and extremely helpful. I went in slow and hobbling, and came out running and much stronger than before.”

– Betsy H.

“It was great to work with Adam on a lower back issue I was having. The treatment plan he proposed worked well and we were able to achieve better results than I had hoped.”

– Shawn M.

“I slept wrong on my shoulder a while back, and it didn’t like it. At all. I laid off bench pressing for a while thinking it’d solve itself. Well, it didn’t. The problem was evolving. Adam T at the Wallingford location has provided great work and accountability. Because of him I’m experiencing less and less pain when doing normal activities, as well as lifting. Thanks!”

– Steve D.

“I was looking for a sports-based physical therapy practice when I started with Biojunction last fall. Although my foot injury was not new, chronic pain and limited mobility of my foot was greatly affecting my ability to do every day things.  I wanted to avoid steroid shots, or joint fusion surgery so I saw physical therapy for my foot as the only alternative. I have been so pleased with Adam’s knowledge base, flexibility, positive outlook, sense of humor, and patience. He has collaborated with other providers and built a home exercise program for me. He’s helped me modify activities to reduce joint pain.  He’s also helped me build strength in other areas that were affecting my gait and foot (like my hips/gluts).  With Adam’s help, I recently completed my fitness goal of 3 day backpacking hike- almost without pain! Adam helped me with my foot, but I know he will bring the same positive persistence and can- do attitude and up to date information to any patient health challenge.  Adam and the whole Biojunction Sports Therapy team deserve top marks in my book!”

–  Paula W.